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Revolution Justified

Revolution Justified

Revolution Justified was first published in Dutch in November 2011 by Planet Prosperity Foundation and immediately made a strong impact.

Various environmental and business organizations and some of the most influential Dutch leaders in sustainability were quick to publicly endorse the book, distributing over a thousand copies to the Dutch administration, all members of parliament, business leaders, universities and other institutions, urging them to read the book and act with greater urgency in the energy transition.

Following the endorsement of so many and its use at universities, the book quickly gained ground and recognition, garnering media attention and generating calls for an English translation. This translation, Revolution Justified, is poised to make an even wider impact not only in the international political and judicial arenas but also in environmental and business communities worldwide. The first copy of the book was presented to Dr. James E. Hansen, the world’s most pre-eminent climate scientist.

Revolution Justified is a gripping factual account tracing our reliance on abundant energy, explaining its link with climate change in the light of the most recent scientific data, revealing the role of passive politicians, and demonstrating a way out of the very dangerous deadlock now facing our democratic society, using the only democratic tool still available to us: the judiciary.

Revolution Justified
Revolutie met recht